I am Sophie.
A Software Engineering student living in Rotterdam, with a huge curiosity in lots of topics and interesting things.

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Shortly in facts

Hello nice to meet you reader!

My name is Sophie and I am…
a Software Engineering student
at the moment 27 years young
born and raised in Gouda
at the moment living in Rotterdam.

And I love…

… to be creative digitally

  • photography editing
  • film editing
  • application designs
  • Adobe designs
  • code projects

… to be musically and active

  • play the grande piano
  • play the alto saxophone
  • play the soprano saxophone
  • do some cardio in the gym
  • do some yoga
  • do some cycling
  • previously field hockey

… to be creative non-digital

  • photography and small filming
  • calligraphy / handlettering
  • drawing small cards
  • crochets of beanies
  • knitting scarfs
  • macramé with or without rocailles
  • create small jewelry

… to do the more frequent stuff

  • read the news
  • read a book
  • read a magazine
  • read other blogs
  • watch a film
  • watch YouTube
  • watch a series
  • game a little

And I have also interests in…

– Recipes of drinks like smoothies an cocktails
– Recipes of (small) food or menu combinations
– The science of food and drinks
– The gadgets of lifestyle

– Application testing
– Gadgets testing
– Code and data languages like: C#, Dart, F#, Python, R, SQL, Unity
– Social media platform evolvements

Exploring the world surrounding us piece by piece; city by city; water by water; nature by nature. To embrace the beauty of the earth. As well as find local businesses and hear local stories. You never know what you encounter, you only know you are on an adventure in life.

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Enjoy reading!

Loves from Sophie