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My November Birthday Weekend!

Last weekend I celebrated in small my birthday! And mostly digital. The last day of November is originally my birthday, November 30th and it was this year on a Monday again. I am born on a Monday so can you guess my age? Still a twenty-something :). Photo by Ylanite Koppens on I love… Continue reading My November Birthday Weekend!

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Challenge #100DaysOfCode

#100DaysOfCode This challenge is the first and best known challenge in the #100DaysOf... series. It is created by Alexander Kallaway from 'Do The Opposite' around 4 years ago. And it is the most popular challenge. It even has it's own retweet bot and several social media groups among different platforms. Because of the success of… Continue reading Challenge #100DaysOfCode


Welcome to Sophie’s Tech!

Hi all! Welcome to my new blog Sophie's Tech! Photo by Negative Space on Photo by Pixabay on Photo by SplitShire on Let me shortly introduce myself: I am Sophie, a twentysomething young woman living in The Netherlands with a study background in Media & Entertainment Management and in Software Engineering. Two… Continue reading Welcome to Sophie’s Tech!